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Pressure Test

The iCare tonometer is a unique tool used to measure eye pressure without a puff of air or numbing drops. It uses rebound technology and has been proven to be more repeatable between users.

Curvature Scans

Our Visionix scan is a state-of-the-art, multi-functional wavefront anterior segment analyzer allowing doctors to assess the curvature of the front and back cornea, cataracts, and disease risk factors for keratoconus, ectasias, and glaucoma.

Retinal Photography

Our Optos imager is the first true-color, ultra-high resolution wide-field retinal camera…”aka” it takes a picture of the back of your eye. The doctors will go over the images in the exam room and compare them year-to-year for any changes. Most commonly we use the images to monitor conditions, such as, diabetes, glaucoma, hypertension, macular degeneration, detachments, and lesions.

Slit Lamp

In order to monitor any conditions on the front surface of the eye, we have a camera that can take pictures to store in your chart and compare visit to visit.

Retina Scanner

Our AngioVue Optical Coherence Tomographer is the newest way to evaluate retinal vasculature in a non-invasive way. With this information, we are able to detect changes much earlier than before and prevent vision loss.

Visual Field

Visual Field testing involves mapping out exactly how the eyes are sending information back to the brain and monitoring vision loss from various conditions. Most commonly it is used for glaucoma, strokes, concussions, tumors, macular degeneration, and medication side effects.


With this machine, we are not only able to find the best prescription for your eyes looking far away or up close, but we can also assess astigmatism, binocular disorders, and computer vision stress.


At Glenpool Eye Care, we are able to make glasses within an hour for many prescriptions with our lens edger that cuts lenses to fit perfectly into your new frame.

Prescription Reader

We have a digital auto-lensometer to make sure your glasses are as accurate as possible to give you the best vision through your new lenses.

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