Prepare For Your Exam

There are several materials you can prepare:

  • A completed history form brought to or emailed to our office

  • A list of all your prescription, non-prescription medications and any eye drops you take

  • Bring your most recent pair of eyeglasses and contact lenses, if you have them

  • A copy of your vision insurance card and other medical insurance cards with you
    (If you have any questions regarding insurance coverage, please call our office before your visit)

  • Bring a list of questions or concerns you may have about your eyesight to discuss with your eye doctor

For Children:

  • Ask questions about how they are seeing the board at school, do they like to read, and if they have headaches throughout the day

  • Monitor skipping/repeating lines or words running together while reading, poor reading comprehension, short attention span, and knocking things over

What to expect during your appointment?

*Please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out any paperwork and begin testing. See our equipment section for more information on the technology we have in our office.

​Prepare for your eye exam to take about an hour depending on the number of tests your eye doctor needs to evaluate your vision and eye health. A typical comprehensive exam is a series of visual tests to inform your eye doctor about your vision.

These tests help determine:

  • Sharpness of near and distance vision

  • Depth perception

  • Eye muscle movements and tracking

  • Determine your eyeglass prescription at multiple distances

  • Curvature and health structures of the eye

  • Eye pressure test

  • Eye drops and retinal scan to look inside your eyes for retinal diseases

Contact Lenses

Additional testing is done for contact lens wearers—including proper fitting, visual acuity and assessment of risk factors. We have a fitting fee of $56-120 yearly for all contact lens wearers that includes any exams you need related to your contact lenses, replacement of any ripped lenses, and education on the latest options to best fit your prescription. Your insurance company may or may not cover the fitting fee and may include a copay.

What to do after the exam?

Following your exam, we will review your benefits and options for frames, lenses, and/or contacts. You will have the opportunity to explore the latest frames and be educated on lens coating options for your hobbies and lifestyle. Once your new eyewear is selected, an optician will adjust your frame to fit you best and make it comfortable for everyday wear.

​For new contact lens wearers, we will teach you about proper cleaning techniques for your specific lens and assess the fit on your cornea. You will then be trained to handle, insert, and remove your lenses effectively before leaving. After a week, we will assess your vision and comfort with the lenses before ordering.

Yearly comprehensive eye exams are essential in maintaining healthy vision and are recommended starting at 6 months old!

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