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What contacts are Dr. Wolthuizen wearing?

Dr. Wolthuizen wears special lenses with orthokeratology technology. These contacts are ONLY worn at night to temporarily flatten the cornea, meaning she does not have to wear anything during the day!


These contacts are promoted to reduce night-sighted prescriptions from getting worse every year in children AKA myopia control. Ortho-K lenses are great for athletes who need the crispest vision and people who want lasik/refractive surgery, but are not old enough or have bad allergies/dry eye problems. Great for sustainability compared to soft lenses that need to be replaced daily or monthly. Ortho-K lenses are replaced once a year and are lower risk for infections.


Orthokeratology lenses do not work for all prescriptions and are not fully covered by insurance companies. These lenses are hard/rigid lenses and take a few days to get used to the comfort for most people (good thing they are only worn at night).

The lenses only temporarily correct vision and need to be worn every night or at least every other night.

Dr. Wolthuizen's opinion

"I personally wear these lenses because of my terrible allergies and dryness. Soft contacts are not comfortable in my eyes and I LOVE waking up in the morning and swimming with clear vision. My brother-in-law also has been wearing these lenses since he was a wrestler in high school and his soft contacts would fall out on the mat (gross). These lenses are perfect for athletes not only for hygiene factors, but most people are able to achieve better vision with hard contacts which increases hand/eye-reaction time."

Parent Tip: Do you have a high near-sighted prescription and worried about your child's eyes? Look into myopia control options and contact Glenpool Eye Care to see if your child is a candidate for ortho-k lenses.

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