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Learn about 20/20 Vision in 2020!

What does 20/20 mean and do YOU have “perfect” vision

Visual acuity is the professional standard measurement on how well the eyes can see based on a normal level of clarity. Using this tool can gauge whether you need corrective lenses or if some disease is affecting your vision.

The term 20/20 compares what you can see at 20 feet to what a normal human can. For example: 20/100 vision means you can see an object in the distance at 20 feet, but a normal person can see the same object at 100 feet.

Is 20/20 perfect vision? Not exactly!

Some people are able to read the 20/20 line, but other parts of their vision is affected from things like:

Cataracts or astigmatism—making letters fuzzy and dull

Retinal diseases and focusing problems—some letters are missing or moving around

Double letters—trauma or eye muscle coordination

How is vision corrected?

After a vision acuity is taken in both eyes, focusing system assessed and eye movements/field are confirmed normal—glasses are prescribed for a specific distance and use. Contact lenses and corrective eye surgery are also a great options for patients that want to be glasses free and see clearly.


At Glenpool Eye Care, we do more than just check visual acuity to make sure your eyes are “PERFECT”. It is standard during pretesting to make sure thickness of cornea, cornea curvature, aberrations, pressures, anatomical angles, and lens changes are all within above normal or healthy range to make sure it is not affecting your vision. In the room, we check eye muscle function, focusing, and accommodation stress levels. We can also test for colors, depth perception, and contrast sensitivity. We make sure your eyes are balanced and ready for non-stop use!

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