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How to LOVE wearing your contacts

  • Replace them as directed. There are many types of contacts with the most common being soft lenses. Normal replacement times are daily, bi-weekly, and monthly. Hard contacts (Rigid gas-perms) are replaced yearly. Set a reminder on your calendar to replace them on the same day each month! Even if you wear your monthly contacts 1-2 times a week, they need to be replaced every 30 days to prevent infections!

  • Do not sleep in your contacts. Some contacts are made with FDA approval to sleep in them, but most are not. Sleeping in contacts leads to lack of oxygen and potential for infections that can cause blindness.

  • Use the right solution. Contact lens solutions have certain qualities that interact with contacts to disinfect any bacterial growth and protein deposits from the day. Never use water as a replacement for solution! Saline solution is okay for casual rinsing, but not for disinfecting.

  • Give your eyes a break. It is always good to have glasses to wear in the morning/at night when contacts are not in or when your eyes are feeling off. It is also important to have a good quality pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes against the sun.

  • Treat your allergies and dryness. Having allergies and dryness will prevent your eyes from being comfortable wearing contacts. Call for recommendations on allergy eye drops and dry eye therapies that can help with the itching, burning, and grittiness. Also consider switching to a daily lens that can be thrown away every day.

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